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The Waffle Stitch

Good morning my dear followers of We Love Crochet. How have you been doing so far? What are your current crochet plans? Let us know in the comments if you wish to see a special stitch or a specific item here at the blog. We like to interact with you às much as possible.

The Magic of Crochet

The art of crochet is very versatile and so it is possible to create different types of crochet stitches to make your projects.

Its variety of stitches, knots, colors, material and styles is very important for this to happen. The crochet technique is seen in any season of the year and is always in fashion.

If you are a beginner and want to start your technical crochet productions, consider learning the waffle stitch, which has a simple and complete shape, a very beautiful style and is easy to learn.

We have the one purpose of promoting crochet yarn crafts to as many people as possible, as we ourselves started crochet by someone’s recommendation, for example, I learned about crochet at a stage in my life not very long ago.

I was going through a lot of anxiety and my therapist suggested that in addition to treating me with her, I should also seek occupational therapy, one that would make me happy.

They are also perfect for using as quilts, chair cushions, or even dog beds. Blankets made in the crochet technique are also known as decorative or baby crochet. Each stitch used in a crochet blanket is called a chain or chain stitch.

The way these points are arranged defines the specific type of blanket structure being created.

You already know we give priority to bring you free tutorials. This way everybody can have access to this knowledge and become better each time. This tutorial is especially amazing, because it is very complete.

It is full of pictures, guiding us through each part of the waffle stitch. It is so worth it. 

Check here the tutorial you need // The Waffle Stitch

Do you want to give more stitches a try? Check these ones:

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You can also add decorative features such as tassels, Fair Isle patterns, or mesh bows sewn to the edge of your blanket during assembly. This makes each crochet item unique and allows for endless customization options for each individual user.

We never get tired of reminding you that if you did not enjoy this idea particularly, you should check our other many patterns and items. I am sure you will find the idea you are looking for. We bring you daily stitches, baby items, blankets, rugs and many more pieces. Give it a try, you will not regret it. It was a pleasure to have you here, learning one more stitch with us! See you in our next project, have a great Tuesday and a blessed week.

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