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The Suzette Stitch

Good evening my friends, welcome to our blog, We Love Crochet. How have you been going? How is your life currently?  Tell me, do you have something like a crochet schedule? How is your crocheting developing?To keep your learning more organized? Do you think it is important?

To keep a track of the things we are doing. I think it is a way to see how and if we are evolving. From that, we can map our strengths, what patterns we domain, the ones we like the most.

And we can also see what our challenges are, this way, we can focus on practicing some specific stitch or item. 

There are some finishes, like sewing the pieces of an item together or fixing the buttons, are quite difficult for some of us. Of course, these little difficulties we have are not a problem whatsoever.

They just show us how much practice we need to do. This is where the schedule is so helpful, it guides us to practice the many skills we love to practice.

Versatility and Beauty

The Suzette Stitch. Today, we thought it would be a nice opportunity to revisit a crochet classic. The basic stitches are the foundation, therefore to know them by heart is very important. Because it is from the basic stitches that we move for more complex stitches and patterns.

Another positive point is the fact that you can create so many different pieces with only one stitch. The Suzette Stitch forms a beautiful effect and it works greatly with decorations items, such as throws and blankets, even pillows.

Baby blankets are a nice option too, just be aware of the yarn quality you decided to use. 

Also, pay attention to how beautiful the Suzette Stitch looks on a gradient yarn. You can clearly see the composing of the effect in the video linked in this post. Tutorial video makes the learning process easier and besides it is 100% free.

See below how to make the beautiful Suzette Stitch:

Access the video tutorial here // Suzette Stitch 

Let me know what item you have decided to produce with this stitch. You know I love to learn how you are evolving with all the crocheting. Tell me in the comments, I like to interact so much with you! For now, enjoy your weekend for rest and relax a little, and come back ready for a new weekend. Blessings and lots of love!

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