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Granny Ripple Blanket

Granny Ripple Blanket. Hello my dear followers, it is with love and affection for all of you that we from the We Love Crochet blog team will make available to everyone another beautiful craft pattern with crochet yarn, this one in particular is a very cute and delicate piece.

The Granny Ripple Blanket pattern is one of the easy ones to crochet, we are sure you will have no difficulty and finishing this creative crochet piece, the step by step is very complete, with description and video, clear illustrative images, everything to facilitate its execution , and of course, a color combination that you can’t miss.

This Granny Ripple Blanket pattern is one of the most requested here on our blog We Love Crochet Patterns, because with this stitch you can make the most diverse patterns of blankets and bedspreads, as well as the most diverse combinations of colors, so just be bold and abuse your creativity, and perfect your new crochet yarn craft project.

This pattern color combination that we are making available to you is a classic combination of cheerful tones, however, if you bet on a more classic proposal, you can bet on more neutral tones, such as gray, beige, butter, lead, finally, the important thing if you make your piece more yours, it is worth remembering that with this stitch you can make the combination you want, as this stitch is a true work of art.

The Granny Ripple Blanket is one of the easiest to make, but a complete pattern like the one we’re making available here is a little hard to find. That’s why we made a point of testing it out before posting it on the blog for you.

The team of contributors to the We Love Crochet Patterns blog is all volunteer, and of course we love crochet, it’s really our favorite hobby, that’s why we always test our patterns before leaving them here for you, so you can feel safe in getting started. another new piece of craft with crochet yarn, as you will have the complete step by step.

We at the blog We Love Crochet Patterns have only the intention of spreading the craft of crochet yarn to as many people as possible, because it was through crochet that many things improved in our lives, I in particular improved a lot from a deep depression that I suffered from many years, and it was in the form of occupational therapy that I learned about crochet, and I really found myself and I never stopped crocheting, so I make a point of helping other people to learn about this craft that makes us so good.

Learn how to make Granny Ripple Blanket:

Access the free template here/ Granny Ripple Blanket

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The blog We Love Crochet Patterns wishes you all a great week, full of God’s blessings in your homes, much peace, joy, harmony, and especially many, many patterns to start another crochet thread craft project.
With love and affection, We Love Crochet Patterns!

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