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Good afternoon my dear followers, how are you doing today? I hope this post finds you all well and healthy. Please, be welcome to our blog. We keep this community because it is important to keep friends and colleagues from the crochet world in touch. 

Why to crochet?

We all have different reasons for why we started crocheting. Some of us decided to take a chance at crochet because it is a nice way to have extra money on hand.

Many of the crocheters that are referenced nowadays started as amateurs.

As we evolve, we become more and more capable of developing new pieces and adapting new patterns to different items.

There are also the ones that started in the crochet because it is a great therapy. For people that feel anxious, crochet is a nice way to put our focus onto something productive.

There are many steps to follow and details to pay attention to. Because of that, crochet is a great way to cope with anxiety and other rattling up feelings. 

Flower Square Design. As for today, we decided to bring you a nice pattern, very useful for many different items. This is the flower square design. It is a simple pattern, it fits very nicely for beginners.

But, the final result is quite beautiful and it can leave a memorable impression.

You will need, at least, three different colors for this pattern. Actually, they can be just different shades of one same color. The main part here is that you have a contrast between the layers that form the square. It is with the contrast that you will see the flower more clearly. 

Like in the picture we have, there are two shades of lovely pinks. The white for the background is the final touch to a delicate setting as the picture shows. But, this square is very versatile and you can apply it to a vast range of items.


So many possibilities:

You can make decorative items, such as pillows, blankets and throws with this square. Dresses and tops are another great way you can put this pattern to use. Even as a simple patch to give that piece the final touch it is missing. Anyhow, I believe it is the type of the item you make that will decide what are the best colors to choose.

Click here to access the first video tutorial // Flower Square Design 

Click here to access the second video tutorial // Flower Square Design 

The tutorial videos we linked for you to access here will help you so much, of that I am sure. Once the stitches used are not very hard to learn, the tutorial will make as clear as possible and help through the process. Let me know what pieces you decided to create with this beautiful and delicate pattern. I wish you all a blissful week, full of amazing ideas. See you in our next project! 

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