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Lemon Drops Baby Set

Good morning my dear friends of this community. How are you today? How was your weekend? I hope you had a good and relaxing time and are ready to start a brand new week, full of energy and set to put many other projects in practice.

 Speaking of new projects, if you are here often you already know how we like to work. If you are new around here, first of all, be welcome to our blog. Here, we consider this space a place of exchanging, exchanging ideas, our creative challenges and our execution ideas. We all face some troubles when crocheting and that is why talking about ideas is so important. 

Everybody has something to teach and everybody has something to learn. We like, as a team for this blog, to bring as many different ideas as possible. Another important thing, when we are selecting the ideas we want to bring, is what is the level of difficulty each pattern and piece presents. 

It is important to respect the learning process. Many of us get into the crafts world as a way to find therapy and help us relax. If you are anything like me, you are a little anxious. Because of that, we tend to try things that are not exactly our level and this often causes frustrations.

To avoid the possibility of giving up, we like to bring as many patterns as possible to different levels. This way you can have different options which are according to the skill level you have at the moment, escaping frustrations and keeping on track of the learning process. 

Baby items are a best seller!

Lemon Drops Baby Set. Our project for today is a beautiful baby set. It is never enough to say baby items are always a huge success. First of all, because they are always so very cute, there is something about the smaller versions of dresses and coats that makes people starstruck by it.

Baby sets are a great way to give as a christening, baby shower or birthday gift. Therefore, it is always a hit. This set is perfect for the Winter and colder days. It is composed of a coat, a hoodie and the cutest pair of baby booties. Do not forget to carefully pick the yarns you intend to use, avoiding the rough ones that can cause rashes to the delicate baby’s skins.

Access this beautiful project here // Lemon Drops Baby Set

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Are you ready to start this blanket? I sure hope so. I fell in love with it, its simplicity and cuteness are undeniable. After you finished, please, tell me what you have done with it, was it for your own baby, as a gift or a good selling piece? You already kno, we love to interact with you and keep this community always growing and better each day. Have the most amazing day, I am anxious to see you in our next pattern already. See you!!

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